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Muu-muu to purse!

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Ye olde fantastic muu-muu!

I scored this awesome muu-muu at the thrift store!


(Please excuse the crazy hair—it’s long and floppy and drives me crazy when I’m sewing so anything to get it out of the way)

 I decided this needed to get out of the house and show its psychedelic awesomeness, so to the sewing machine it went!

Hi! I'm the bag formerly known as muu-muu!


I used a Simplicity bag pattern and hacked it down to a more manageable size.  (What is it about pattern companies that they think you want to be swallowed by a purse the size of Montana?  For reals!  Cuz I will fill it eventually!  And carrying around all that extra weight, and then trying to find your keys, and finding you have 223 lipsticks in there…)


I left out the pleats (all the better to melt your eyes with my scorching hot print!), added piping (first time, yippee!  so easy!), and topstiched around the handles for more.  Yes, more.  I am a woman of excess.  Oh yes, be scared!

I sewed one pocket inside and used some tasty lining fabric.  I love opening a pocket and seeing a suprise print on the inside.  That’s my version of haute couture, baby!

Then, the icing on the cake were some delightful vintage buttons I had lying around of acorns.  Acorns.  An unassuming nut made fantastic when affixed to fabric!







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